Hilton History - The Changing Faces of Hilton

A Compilation by Sarah Ritchie and Ashley Jones

  • history1
    Hilton Hotel 1890
    The Hilton Hotel was on the Conner of Main St. and South Ave. This picture shows the building with 3 stories. After it burned the first time it lost the top floor. The hotel burned at least 3 times. The sign hanging at the top of this picture shows the Republican candidates for president of the United States.
  • history2
    Horton General Store 1900
    The Horton General Store's location is now the Home Movie store on the Corner of Main St..and South Ave. It burned in 1901.
  • history3
    Fraise Block 1903
  • history4
    New Fraise Block 1910
  • history5
    Main St. looking West - 1930
    The buildings on the left are still there.
  • history6
    Main St. looking west - 1940
    We dated this picture by the cars, paved roads and lack of power lines. This was prior to World War II.
  • history7
    Main St. looking east 1940
    The telephone office is upstairs with the Hilton Records (above the drug store). The Hilton Records was once a newspaper publisher.
  • history8
    Main St. 1958
    In 1965 the bank was burned even though it was made of brick. It was burned because of a wooden beam connecting the buildings together.
  • history9
    The buildings you see here replace the buildings that burned in the 1965 fire.
  • history10
    United Methodist Church - 1981
    The United Methodist church is next to the Library. These are pictures before and after the 1981 fire. The firemen were able to save the stained glass windows so the church still has the original windows.
  • history11
    The four 2-story buildings are the only ones remaining from the 1965 fire.
  • history12
    This is the old Post Office before it moved in 1996

(Sarah and Ashley were assisted by Mary Townsend and Donald Stilson at the Hilton Historians Office)

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