The Village of Hilton has for several years encouraged electronic recycling by having E-Waste day with Sunnking Recycling and collecting TVs for a fee paid to Sunnking of $25 per TV or computer monitor, we have also had electronic recycling days with Monroe Tech. Although, electronic recycling was encouraged it was not mandatory. The manufacturers of the electronics were not held responsible for the recycling of their products. (It is simple to throw it away)

The New York State and Department of Environmental Conservation enacted a law in 2012 that manufacturers of electronics make available to the consumer ways to recycle their old electronics by 2015 this also charged the NYSDEC to act upon the hazardous waste part of electronics bringing a disposal ban on landfilling electronics effective date 1/1/2015

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Consumers may no longer dispose of certain types of electronic equipment in landfills, waste-to-energy facilities, in the trash, or at curbside for trash pickup.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Monroe County, Disposal of Electronics

The new law, which states, “No individual or household shall place or dispose of any electronic waste in any solid waste management facility, or place electronic waste for collection which is intended for disposal at a solid waste management facility or hazardous waste management facility in this state,” went into effect on January 1st 2015, and will be enforced throughout the entire state of New York. Those who violate these new laws are subject to fines of $100 for each improperly discarded electronic item.
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Monroe County Ecopark

To learn more about the ecopark, and find full details about collections, please visit their website or call 585-753-7600 and select option #3
Visit the ecopark at:
10 Avion Drive
Rochester, New York 14624

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Sunnking Electronic Recycling

For some electronics there may be fees associated.

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