Recycling Quality Policy

Recycling Boxes
Call the village office for replacement of the blue or yellow recycling box. Fees are $10

Useful Recycling Info
Mixed Recycling


Please follow instructions when preparing your recyclable for pickup

1. Place accepted materials in your recycling bin(s).
2. Do Not put any items in plastic bags.
3. If high winds or heavy rains are forecasted, delay recycling by one week.
4. Place bins at the curb prior to 7 AM on your scheduled collection day.

Empty and dispose of CAPS, NO paints or pesticides. Place in recycling box.
Reminder: Please do not use plastic bags or brown grocery bags to separate plastic, glass, or cans.

Cereal boxes, tissue, gift, and shoe boxes, detergent and cake mix boxes, toilet and paper towel tubes are acceptable. Remove liners from boxes. Place in the recycling box. No wet or soiled boxes. No egg cartons.

Glass (Food or Beverage Containers)
Rinse out all clear, brown, and green glass; you do not have to remove labels. Remove tops; plastic rings can be left on. NO CERAMICS, PLATE GLASS, AUTO GLASS, PYREX, LEADED, FLAT GLASS, DEPOSIT BOTTLES, MIRRORS, OR LIGHT BULBS. Place in the recycling box

Metal Cans (Food or Beverage Containers)
Rinse out all food residue from cans. Cans should be flattened; labels do not have to be removed. NO OIL, PAINT, OR PESTICIDE CANS. REMEMBER: METAL CANS, GLASS AND PLASTIC CAN BE CO-MINGLED TOGETHER IN YOUR RECYCLING BOX.

Confidential Documents

Stack dry newspapers (including supplements) in a brown paper bag and place the bag in the recycling box. No Newsprint in plastic bags.

All glossy magazines and catalogs are acceptable. Magazines can be put in a brown paper bag. Place in the recycling box and keep dry.

Corrugated Cardboard
All cardboard must be flat. The corrugated cardboard is to be cut into bundles two feet wide by two feet long by two feet high. The bundle must be tied with twine or string. Place the bundle next to or under the recycling box. Corrugated cardboard must be free of food wastes. Large bundles of cardboard are often left at the curb for collection later in the day by a second truck. NO WAX CARDBOARD, EGG CARTONS, OR ANY OTHER FOOD BOXES.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)
CFLs are considered a household hazardous waste due to the small amount of mercury that can be released in the environment if sent to landfills. Home Depot stores are now accepting expired, unbroken CFLs for recycling or you can make an appointment with Monroe County (760-7600) to take them to a household waste collection site.
View the Energy Star FAQ sheet

Household Hazardous Waste
Most household paint and chemicals are safe when used and stored properly. When disposed of improperly, household wastes can become environmental hazards. Monroe County provides residents with a way to safely recycle or dispose of these items free of charge. Please contact Monroe County Dept. of Environmental Services at 760-7600 for an appointment

Motor Oil
Call the Village Office at 392-4144 to reserve a special 2.5 gallon plastic container for this purpose. Set the container by your refuse for collection.

Latex paint, 1/4 can or less mix with saw dust or kitty litter, allow to dry and dispose of in your regular refuse. All paints can be recycled on the special Hazardous Waste Collection Day.

Tires must be removed from the rims or a $10.00 charge will be incurred for each tire left on the rim. Tires will be collected at the curb on your normal refuse day

Clothing / Textiles
To recycle these products please contact one of the following agencies.
Goodwill Industries - 232-1111
Salvation Army - 235-2769
Volunteers of America - 647-1150

No vines or thorns. Brush is defined as tree trimmings 1" or larger in diameter.

Brush is collected on Fridays as follows:

  • North of West Ave. and East Ave. - First and third Friday of each month.
  • South of East Ave. and West Ave. - Second and fourth Friday of each month.

Brush must be placed at the curb, large ends with the flow of traffic and not blocking the sidewalk. Reminder: Leave brush as long as possible. Do not cut into short lengths.

Grass Clippings
Grass clippings are not permitted in your weekly refuse collection under New York State Law.

Leaves - Fall Collection Only
Do not bag leaves; place in loose piles between sidewalk and street. Do not rake into the street! Begins October through early December.

See the new updated list

Yard Waste
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Electronic Recycling
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The Village Community Center, 59 Henry Street has been designated as a SafePlace location in the Hilton-Parma community.
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